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Jon Bernot started diving in the lakes in Oklahoma as a teenager and became an instructor while attending the University of Oklahoma in 2005.  Having served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps he purchased his first dive operation in Coastal North Carolina and eventually moved to North Florida Cave Country.  With a heavy background in wreck diving and cave diving he is currently the owner and training director of Cave Country Dive Shop in High Springs, Florida.  A prior Service and Product Manager for Dive Rite, this has allowed him to see the industry from various sides as an instructor, owner of a retail facility, and as part of a major manufacturer.  He has certified nearly 1000 students from the Open Water through technical instructor levels and is an IT with IANTD.  In addition to a B.A. in Political Science he holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Management.  He currently teaches on the O2ptima, KISS, and JJ CCR.  With 10 years as an instructor he still not only enjoys teaching but is also an avid explorer and his favorite type of dive is a deep cave dive.