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Dan has been the go to technical instructor in the Florida Keys for over ten years.  He is the owner of the best dive center in the Key’s, Horizon Divers.

After spending his early scuba years captaining a sail boat in the Virgin Islands he relocated to Key Largo where he began exploring the more technical parts of diving.  In 2005 he became the owner of Horizon Divers, and in 2006 he became the shop’s first tech instructor.

As the owner of the premier technical dive center in the Florida Keys Dan loves to teach CCR & OC divers the ins and outs of advanced wreck penetration.  Over the past ten years he has certified hundreds of tech divers, and tech diving instructors.

If you catch him on a fun dive he will be in his JJ, just off the wreck of the Queen of Nassau, drifting on deco, trying to snap pictures of schooling hammerheads.

Dan is qualified to teach all levels (Mod 1, Mod 2 & Mod 3) on the JJCCR.

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