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Since his first dive in 2015, Hao's passion for the depths has driven him to explore the most challenging
and captivating environments. In 2018, he started tech diving in Canada's cold water, and almost
immediately started rebreather diving after that.
Hao currently dives 5 different rebreathers and owns 4 of them.  However, the JJ-CCR holds a special
place in his heart, being both his first unit and his all-time favorite eCCR on the market.
His JJ-CCR has accompanied him on countless journeys to harsh and demanding environments like deep
caves and wrecks.
As a JJ-CCR Instructor, Hao is committed to sharing his knowledge and passion for diving. Based in
Toronto, Ontario Canada, he offers a wide range of courses covering both open-circuit and closed-circuit
technical diving.
In addition, Hao is fluent in both English and Mandarin, making him a versatile instructor able to teach
courses in multiple languages.