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Being an engineer and holding a Master of Science, he started diving in 1990.

In the mid 90s, he developed his interest in technical diving. Shipwrecks then became a must.

In 2000, he made his debut as a technical diving instructor.

With now more than a decade in the field of technical diving, he offers courses that deal with technical equipment and procedures to reach depths up to 100 m (330 feet) with the use gas mixtures (Nitrox and Trimix).

In 2004, his passion for exploring shipwrecks allowed him to gain the skills to teach his extreme passion. Since the arrival of the configuration "sidemount", the equipment allows even further.

In order to open new horizons and go further, Christian starts diving with CCR in 2007. He now performs and teaches rebreather diving. Type "extreme expedition", recyclers Hammer Head, Optima and JJ-CCR achieve considerable depths, where use of open circuits is not an optimal solution.

In recent years, his new craze is cave diving. Approximately two months of the year are devoted to this activity. This enabled him to dive with the biggest names, acquiring him the various techniques and knowledge tailored to the environment. With these techniques, the diving in cave formations is now available to his program.